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Wiped your ass -with my scalp
after you -took a shit

body thrown -in a pit
pit you used -for your shit

I survived - left for dead
you used me - like a toilet

scalp - torn off -wiped your ass
left for dead -in a pit

scalp - torn off -wiped your ass
legs chewed off - left to die
dome splitter

hair ripped clean/my scalp torn off/left for dead/thrown in to your shit
you wiped your ass/with my locks/I nearly died/But I survived it

body thrown/into a pile/left for dead/within your pit
my scalp is gone/but I linger on/I did survive/to have my revenge

thrown in to your shit
a human waste pit
I did survive
I’ll have my revenge

I will have my final revenge
your severed head will do just fine
I’ll take a dump in to your mouth
and finally vengeance is mine

left to die
thrown in a pit
ass wiped with my scalp
after taking a shit




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